Land Speed Record Attempt!

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Here at Safe & Vault  not only are we busy with all things Safe and Vault but some of our guys are  speed freaks! Currently holding the Guinness World record for fastest coin operated vehicle ride.

Safe & Vault employees and multiple land speed record holders David Taylor (workshop manager) and Tom Armitage (Fabricator/CAD Technician) are currently building a streamliner to challenge long standing British land speed records. Both Have travelled at over 200mph+ on another previous project a turbo charged custom built motorcycle. With the engine and transmission for the streamliner now complete, the design and fabrication for chassis is currently in progress.

Project Goals

  • To take the long-standing British wheel driven record which is currently held by Tony Densham at 211.26mph two-way average in a 7 litre engine dragster called ‘Commuter’.
  • To become the fastest ever wheel driven vehicle on the world famous Pendine sands where Sir Malcolm Campbell holds the MSA National British Record at 174.883 mph and Idris Elba holds the UKTA record at 180.361mph in a modern Bentley Continental GT Speed.
  • To achieve the fastest ever recorded speed on sand currently held by a jet powered car called ‘Pink Panther’ driven by Malcolm Olley at 218.970mph.
  • To achieve a peak speed of 250mph plus.  

The Streamliner

  • Name ‘TIME MACHINE’.
  • Special constructed Space frame chassis.
  • Rear wheel drive.
  • Length 6.2m (20ft).
  • Width 0.7m (2ft4”).
  • Weight 500kg
  • Turbo charged highly modified Hayabusa bike engine.
  • Motec ECU
  • 750+Bhp

They are hoping to make some passes with the car towards the end of the year without the body to get some data and make the record attempts in 2020.

For further information contact Dave

[email protected]