Luxury safes and their rise in popularity

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Opulent, Stylish and Secure – Choosing a Luxury Safe 

Safes don’t have to be purely functional – in fact, a luxury safe can be a statement design feature in its own right.

For discerning individuals, high-end hotels and luxury brands looking for something special, a luxury safe provides a more visually appealing alternative to the big grey or black boxes that define the majority of safes on the market.

At Safe & Vault, we’re luxury safe specialists – providing fully customised, bespoke luxury safes to suit every home and business.

In this post, we examine what you need to look for when choosing a luxury safe.

Bespoke is better

Although there are off the shelf luxury safes available, the best option when choosing a luxury safe is to go direct to a specialist, like Safe & Vault, for a fully bespoke design service. Going fully bespoke opens up a whole new range of possibilities in terms of the design and features.

Safes can be fully customised to fit certain rooms, or built around specific valuable collections. They can be hand-finished in colours, finishes and interior materials designed to perfectly match any interior space, design scheme or corporate branding style.

Luxury Safes - Security Level

One of the primary considerations when choosing any luxury safe is the insurance rating. The higher this rating, the more secure the safe.

As with all security safes, luxury safes come with an insurance rating. This can range from as little as £1,000 to £100,000 or more. This figure is the maximum value of cash you can store inside it for insurance purposes.

You can use a safe to store valuables up to ten times the value of the cash rating. For example, if your luxury safe is rated to £35,000 cash rating – you can also use it to store a maximum of £350,000 worth of valuables.

When choosing a safe, it’s imperative that you take into account your current and future requirements, and choose a safe with a sufficient security rating to cover the valuables inside.

Different by Design – Advanced Features to look for

Bespoke luxury safes are available with a wide range of features, designed to improve the aesthetics and usability of the safes. These features include:

Automatic watch winders

For discerning individuals with luxury watch collections, it makes sense to keep them in the safe.

Having a luxury safe with automatic watch winders serves two purposes (in addition to security). Firstly, it automatically winds the watches, so they are always ready to wear when you need them. Secondly, it’s a great way of keeping them in pristine condition, preventing scratches and scuffs.

Luxury safes can be designed to include a number of different watch winders to fit individual collections.

Bespoke finishes

One of the biggest differences with a luxury safe is the exterior appearance. Rather than the plain grey or black boxes, they can be finished in a range of bespoke colours to suit any interior design scheme or corporate visual identity.

This enables the safe to become a design feature in its own right, taking pride of place in any space, from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Individual storage

The interior of luxury safes can be configured to suit the specific requirements of the owner. Whether you want large open cabinets, a selection of drawers, or multiple compartments – you can tailor the storage space to suit the items you want to keep safe.

Luxury linings and finishes

Inside, safes can be finished in a range of materials, from contemporary metals to hand finished woods, to match your design preferences or branding.

A soft lining is a great way to protect valuables inside your safe from surface scratching. With a bespoke luxury safe, you can choose from a range of materials, colours and patterns to suit any preference.

Interior lighting

Luxury safes can be fitted with a range of interior lighting options - both functional and aesthetic.

In addition to helping you see the contents, they can also be used to highlight key pieces within the safe to beautiful effect.

Luxury Safes from Safe & Vault Company

Looking for a secure, aesthetically pleasing luxury safe for your home or business?

Protect your valuable with confidence, with a luxury safe from the Safe & Vault Company.

We’re luxury safe specialists, providing a completely tailored, fully bespoke service from initial consultancy and survey, to design, supply and installation. Trusted by discerning individuals and flagship commercial organisations worldwide, we offer the finest luxury safes for every requirement.

All safes are made in Yorkshire by a team of master craftsmen, to the absolute highest standards.

Safe & Vault safes are tested and graded to the latest EN1143-1 standards – with products suitable for every home and business. Our team has more than 50 years’ experience in the security sector, and we’re trusted by banks, government departments, police forces, alarm companies and ATM providers across the country and beyond.

For further information, browse through our luxury safes, visit our Leeds Showroom, or get in touch with our team today on 0113 274 4627 / [email protected].