Tis the Season for Smarter Security

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Tis The Season for Smarter Security

Christmas is upon us – it’s a time for parties, celebrations and stocking our homes with the latest must-have gifts.

It’s the most wonderful time of year…for burglars!

Long nights, the cover of darkness, homes left empty for days at a time and an influx of new, boxed valuables, electronics and goodies make Christmas the busiest time of year for Britain’s burglars. The message is simple – there’s never been a better time to look at your home security.

In this post, we take a look at a range of effective home security solutions that will help to prevent intrusion, deter burglars and protect your valuables.

Security Solutions - Patio Door Protection

In many houses, the rear patio doors, conservatory doors and French doors are a real weak point in the home security. Burglars love them! They are a favourite entry point for thieves – especially during the Christmas period.

The problem is that many UPVC patio doors and locks are easy for burglars to break through using simple tools, such as pliers, screwdrivers and bolt cutters. It takes an experienced burglar just seconds to snap many Euro profile cylinder locks. Fitting anti snap locks is a good starting point – but even these may not be enough to prevent a determined burglar from forcing entry.

To combat this, one effective solution is to fit an additional layer of security to the door, like our new Patio Security Door Lock from Door Defenders.

This innovative deadlock features a unique, one-piece design that won’t fall apart – securing the handles of double patio doors to prevent them being opened even if the lock is broken. Strong, easy to install and fully adjustable, it’s designed and made in the UK, and will help to shore up the security on this common entryway for would-be burglars.

Get Notified with a Smart Alarm System

Burglar alarms have been a staple of the home security setup for decades – and are an effective deterrent and first line of defence against intruders.

Today, the best option for those looking to install or replace an alarm is a smart alarm system, which provide a real step up in security when compared to traditional alarms.

The biggest benefit is that they link directly to your smartphone – providing you with real time alerts whenever the alarm goes off. This offers significantly enhanced protection over a siren, and can enable you to take action much more quickly in the event of a break-in.

More advanced smart alarm systems also come with a range of advanced features, including door and window sensors, pet friendly PIR sensors, smart locks, smoke alarms and internal HD CCTV cameras. With the right configuration, it’s possible to create a complete monitoring, alarm and entry solution that will seriously enhance your security credentials.

At Safe and Vault, we provide a range of the best DIY install smart alarm systems on the market today through our sister company, www.simplysafes.co.uk. Solutions include a range of kits from leading manufacturers including Yale and BURG Wachter.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are the future of home security – providing convenience, an enhanced level of security and an auditable trail of entry to your home.

Designed to replace your manual locks, they offer the ability to open your doors via a range of different methods, such as your smartphone, a key fob/card, a phone tag or via biometrics, such as your fingerprint.

At Safe and Vault, we supply a range of Yale Smart Locks – the first smart lock on the market to be British Kitemark Approved. Rigorously tested against both physical and digital manipulation and entry methods, it’s an industry leading smart lock that will protect your home from unwanted intruders.

In addition, we also supply an advanced range of Burg Wachter digital smart locks – that can be easily retrofitted to all Euro profile cylinder locks. Suitable for internal and external doors, these commercial grade locks are available in a range of opening options, including smartphone, key fob and fingerprint.

You’ll find a range of smart locks

Safe For Life – Not Just For Christmas!

The right home safe adds an additional layer of security – it’s the last line of defence between an intruder and your valuables all year round!

If you don’t own one – Christmas is definitely the time to invest. If your expensive jewellery or valuables are stolen over the festive period, most home insurance policies will only pay out if they were stored securely in an appropriate home safe. 

At Safe & Vault, we specialise in home safes. We have safes in all shapes and sizes, with hundreds of products from all the leading brands, and something to suit every requirement, insurance rating and budget. Buy from us, and you will benefit from unbeatable prices, and free kerbside delivery nationwide – with installation available where required.

Home Security Solutions from Safe and Vault

At Safe and Vault, we are the UK’s security product specialists – providing a wide range of advanced, proven solutions to protect your home and business, all year round.

In addition to an unrivalled range of safes and vaults, we also offer a full variety of home security, vehicle security and commercial security systems, including secure storage, locks, alarms, CCTV systems and more.

For additional information, head over to https://safeandvaultcompany.co.uk/ or our sister site, https://www.simplysafes.co.uk/.

Alternatively, for product selection advice, guidance or queries on any aspect of home security, please contact one of our security experts today on 0113 2744627, or by email to [email protected].

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